New SUSTAINair publication identifies efficient approach for damage detection in aerospace sandwich structures

In a new publication, SUSTAINair partner JKU has identified a new, efficient approach for strain-based damage detection in aerospace composite sandwich structures, by introducing a data-smart framework for physics-driven generation of strain data.

SUSTAINair’s novel approaches to Structural Health Monitoring at EWSHM 2022 in Palermo

From 4-7 July 2022, SUSTAINair partner JKU took part in the EWSHM 2022, the 10th meeting of the international SHM community, to share new ideas and findings from their ongoing research on novel approaches to SHM applications for condition-based damage diagnostics in aircraft.

Sustainability Snapshots: Circular dismantling & recycling

As an aircraft reaches the end of its life, its parts or even full airframes need to be valorized to meet circular economy principles. This concerns especially the dismantling and recycling of aircraft. The final edition of our Sustainability Snapshots series investigates circular dismantling and recycling of aircraft, and what...

Sustainability Snapshots: Circular maintenance, repair & reuse

Extending the lifetime of an aircraft can happen through different approaches. One of these are circular maintenance, repair and reuse technologies. The fourth edition of our Sustainability Snapshots series investigates circular maintenance, repair and reuse of aircraft, and how SUSTAINair will contribute to this crucial solution for circular aviation.

Sustainability Snapshots: Circular manufacturing

Sustainable aerospace manufacturing is key in adressing 1/3 of the aircraft carbon footprint. Circular manufacturing in particular can be a game-changer in reducing waste, minimizing demand for materials and energy, and improving resource efficiency. The third edition of our Sustainability Snapshots series investigates circular manufacturing of aircraft, and how SUSTAINair...

Sustainability Snapshots: Circular design for aircraft

Circular aviation begins with design, the first phase in an aircraft's life cycle. Circular design for aircrafts is still an emerging concept in aviation and aerospace, but holds much promise. In the second edition of our Sustainability Snapshots series, we explore what circular design for aircrafts entails, and how SUSTAINair...

LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen: Over 25 years of passion for light metals technologies

Since 1994, the LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is delivering research on light metal alloys and sustainable manufacturing processes. Located in the high-performing industry hub Ranshofen in the province of Upper Austria, LKR is renowned for its cutting-edge research & development of safe, efficient and...