The scope of project management and coordination is covered by the SUSTAINair project manual. An internal three-partite governance structure has been set up in which centre is the project coordinator and the management team. The project management plans, oversees, monitors, and evaluates processes such as: consortium coordination, contractual administration, financial management, data management, quality assurance, financial management and reporting, as well as external advisory board relations, and internal communication and archiving activities.

Effective planning and management of DEC – Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication processes and activities enables this Horizon 2020 project benefit the potential users and the society as a whole. The DEC part of the SUSTAINair project is called upon to take part in various activities that will bring the SUSTAINair innovation and research to the attention of as many relevant people as possible.

DEC aims to raise awareness on:

  • how European collaboration has achieved more than would have otherwise been possible, notably in achieving scientific excellence, contributing to competitiveness and solving societal challenges;
  • how the outcomes are relevant to our everyday lives, by creating jobs, introducing novel technologies, or making our lives more comfortable in other ways;
  • how to make better use of the results, by making sure they are taken up by decision-makers to influence policy-making and by industry and the scientific community to ensure follow-up (source: EC)