Main objective is to research the differences in joining techniques and resulting overall quality of the different joints, applied to the material combinations under research. The aspects include joining for production of assemblies as well as improving conditions and economics for repair and EOL (End of Life), disassembly and recycling.

This will be achieved by applying circular concept design aspects:

  • Casting process development for near-net shape metal test elements (additive manufacturing)
  • Joining of metal test elements
  • Joining of composite with metal test elements
  • Joining of thermoplastic 1st and 2nd life composite test elements
  • Joining of morphing elastomeric materials

The outcomes should advance circular economy concepts and solutions in aircraft manufacturing, tackling problems of waste and resource efficiency to minimise demand for materials and energy.

A database with test results for the several joining techniques, material combinations and sensors, both for new and recycled material will be created to allow for comparison of the techniques and quick referencing for individual joint properties.