EUROMAT 2021 | Meet SUSTAINair team members

SUSTAINair project partners presenting at the 18th EUROMAT, the premier gathering for material science and technology in Europe.

The SUSTAINair team members across the consortium are authors or co-authors of several publications which will be presented at EUROMAT 2021. The published work is not part of the research and development conducted in SUSTAINair, however, it reflects the project partners expertise in the fields of research related to challenges investigated in SUSTAINair.

Joanneum Research | EUROMAT 2021

In SUSTAINair, the JOANNEUM RESEARCH works on laser welding and L-DED technologies for novel Al- and Ti-based alloys as well as production technologies based upon plasma-processes and electro-spinning for the optimized deposition of nanofibers for piezo-electric sensors.

At the EUROMAT 2021 meet the SUSTAINair team members at JR working on: 

AUTHOR: Carina Hendler (Poster)
TITLE: Deposition of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Layers of two different Organosilicon Compounds with Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma

AUTHOR: Reinhard Kaindl
TITLE: Atomic layer deposition of oxide coatings on porous additively manufactured metal and polymer structures

AUTHOR: Reinhard Kaindl
TITLE: Friction- and wear-reducing atmospheric pressure plasma molybdenum disulfide – graphite coatings on fibre-reinforced composites manufactured by stereolithography

AUTHOR: Alexander M Schwan
TITLE: Influence of Energy and Oxygen Content on the Shape of Zinc Oxide Nanowires Synthesized with an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

Session 8: Multi-purpose materials
Barbara Stadlober and Andreas Rudorfer are organizers of the session: 8 Multi-purpose materials (electronic, magnetic, thermal, sensors/actuators, network materials).


In SUSTAINair, the Institute of Materials Research at DLR will build on its experience in the development of additive manufacturing (AM) processing routes of alloys and expertise on state-of-the art materials characterization, for e.g., by means of laboratory and synchrotron based techniques. DLR also possesses extensive expertise and numerous characterization tools for interface and surface characterization. As an addition, DLR operates an SLM Solutions 280HL LPBF machine equipped with a new in situ melt-pool monitoring tool for coupon as well as component manufacturing.

At the EUROMAT 2021 meet the SUSTAINair team member at DLR working on: 

AUTHOR: Miriam Loebbecke, DLR
TITLE: Laser surface pretreatment for structural bonding and coating

About EUROMAT 2021

The 18th EUROMAT is organized by ASMET, the Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, under the auspices of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS).

ASMET – The Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, has since 1864 been a platform for exchanging information and knowledge among metal producing, manufacturing industry, their suppliers, and technical suppliers universities and research institutes. ASMET connects internationally active technology groups as members, voestalpine AG, Andritz AG, Inteco melting und casting technologies GmbH, Primetals Technologies, RHI AG.

The main objective of EUROMAT series of conferences is to foster knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences amongst delegates with academic and industrial backgrounds. The 2021 edition offers presentations of accepted papers and posters, virtual exhibition, and plenary speakers, among others.

2021 plenary speakers include:
· Professor José Manuel Torralba, FEMS European Materials Gold Medal winner
· Merete Tangstad, Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
· Professor Lore Thijs, Manager, Direct Metal Printing Engineering
· Helmut Clemens, Professor at Chair of Physical Metallurgy and Metallic Materials, Department of Materials Science
· Professor Dr Claudia Draxl, Professor at Institute for Theoretical Solid-State Physics at Humboldt-Universität Berlin
· Dr Elvira Fortunato, Professor and Vice-Rector for Research Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Director of Centre for Materials Research (CENIMAT)
· Professor Josef Fugger, Senior Director R&D at Infineon Technologies, Austria.