JOANNEUM RESEARCH (“The innovation company”) is a business-oriented non-university research company for knowledge and technology transfer in Styria, Austria. JOANNEUM actively cooperates with business, industry and the public sector on application-oriented research and development projects. 

Laser and Plasma Processing (LPP) group of JOANNEUM is the original developer of laser welding processes for the joining of various kinds of alloys even before laser welding was adopted into the regional automotive supplying tier 1 industries. JOANNEUM owns the first successful machine for an economical combination of L-DED (laser directed energy deposition) and post-processing. Beside component repair, the company is using this technology for additive manufacturing of multi-material components.  

JOANNEUM is highly invested in plasma-based coating processes and nanomaterial synthesis being able to perform in atmospheric pressure, in vacuum, at low temperatures (<40 °C), as well as in sol-gel coatings. JOANNEUM is also developing chemical and biological sensors, as well as electronics and instrumentation of measurement systems, i.e. JOANNEUM has been successfully advancing measurement system based on electrospun ZnO-doped nano-fibers. The piezoelectric materials are now being continuously miniaturized under the brand PyzoFlex®, a new sensor technology with novel sensory function to detect pressure and temperature changes as well as structure borne sound.  

In SUSTAINair, the JOANNEUM RESEARCH will work on laser welding and L-DED technologies for novel Al- and Ti-based alloys as well as production technologies based upon plasma-processes and electro-spinning for the optimized deposition of nanofibers for piezo-electric sensors.  

Richard Görgl

Dr. Richard Görgl studied physics at the Technical University of Vienna and received his doctorate in 1996 at the Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities.
Since March 2008 he is project leader and senior scientist at the research group “Laser and Plasma Processing” of JR. He is specialized in the field of L-DED technologies.

Additive manufacturing technologies have become extremely prominent in aerospace industries in the last years. To me it is inspiring to watch a technology that was firstly implemented at JOANNEUM nearly twenty years ago to become more and more mature.

Reinhard Kaindl

Dr. Reinhard Kaindl is an established senior researcher interested in applied mineralogy, materials science, carbon nanomaterials, thin films and coatings. Since 2011 he is senior scientist at JOANNEUM RESEARCH, with a proven track record in management on national and transnational R&D projects.

Today, aeroplanes make it possible to safely transport people and goods within a day to places and regions that until a few decades ago were either inaccessible or could only be reached by months of gruelling and dangerous travel. However, this is also associated with a very high energy demand and consumption of materials from non-renewable or increasingly scarce resources such as oil and metal deposits.

I’m inspired by the 11 partners in the SUSTAINair project who want to contribute to the greening of aircrafts by developing new technologies for repairable and variable wings, the bonding of different lightweight materials, sensors for structural monitoring and maintenance and reconditioning.

Team members

Simon Chwatal

Carina Hendler

Raimund Krenn

Alexander Schwan

Barbara Stadlober

Christian Wolf

Martin Zirkl