INVENT GmbH offers a vertical range of innovative production engineering in the field of high-performance fiber reinforced composites for space and aerospace industry, among others, from its base in Braunschweig, Germany. INVENT focuses on creating high-tech products using fibre composite materials such as carbon-fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) or glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP). Furthermore, INVENT manufactures smart materials like piezoceramic patch sensors and actuators (serial production and development) or composite structures with integrated functional layers based on elastomers or other materials, allowing for manufacturing from prototypes and samples up to delicate flight hardware. Recent example of its manufacturing is a component of the ExoMars TGO currently flying around Mars, which worked as a relay station for the landing maneuver of the ESA´s mission in 2021. INVENT is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN 9100:2016. Furthermore, the company received the accreditation Nadcap composites as the first manufacturing facility in Germany.

In SUSTAINair, INVENT will design, develop and manufacture fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) while developing process technologies for a novel reuse of production waste. INVENT´s know-how of aeronautics sector (requirements, standards, materials, processes, among others) will be applied across the project. Additionally, INVENT will work on piezo electric sensors due to its capabilities as a series producer of piezo patch sensors and innovative joining- and separating-technologies.

Marc Joulian

Marc Joulian studied industrial engineering at the Leibnitz Universität Hannover, Germany (2012-2019).  He has been employed as a project and research engineer at INVENT GmbH since 2019. Marc Joulian is working mainly with aviation- and industry-related projects in the R&D department. Furthermore, he is the coordinator of the SmartWorks working group.

SUSTAINair is pursuing very holistic and complex approach of circular economy practices tailored to the aeronautic context. This makes this H2020 project uniquely exciting to be a part of while considering its potential for a real and lasting impact.

Jesper de Wit

Jesper de Wit studied mechanical engineering with a focus on aerospace engineering. He specialized in aircraft design and lightweight construction at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany (2004-2010). Employed as test engineer at Volke GmbH, Wolfsburg, Germany, his career started in the automotive sector, where he was assigned with project responsibility within the R&D department of Volkswagen AG (2010-2016). He has been employed as a project manager at INVENT GmbH since 2016 and deals mainly with public funded projects in the R&D department. He also supports the head of the group as deputy since 2019.

I am very excited about the further development of innovative separation methods for FRP building on the experiences from the EU project FiberEUse.

Team members

Nina Bethkenhagen
Friedrich Dungern
Anke Maierhofer
Stefan Steeger
Maik Wonneberger