INOCON Technologie GmbH is highly successful innovation-driven company for research of plasma technology and its application in automated, robot-assisted in-line processes, based in Upper Austria. INOCON´s patented Plasmatron® torch has become a standard in the automotive industry with dozens of installed systems in the automated production lines of Audi, VW, Renault, Daimler, among others. INOCON´s research and innovation drive are demonstrated by numerous patents in the field of plasma hardening, plasma welding and brazing as well as atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) technology. APS enables functional micro- and nano-coatings on sensitive, 3D-shaped materials, such as plastics, AM-parts, glass, ceramics, wood or paper. Typical applications of APS coatings are, conductive tracks, low-friction coatings, thermal barrier coatings, wear resistant coatings, adhesive and anti-adhesive coatings or the generation of ZnO-nanowires (ZnO-NW) for sensor applications.

In SUSTAINair project, INOCON´s focus is on generation of ZnO-nanowires by APPD technology as basic element for SHM applicable sensors. Next to working on the coating of optical fibres, INOCON will work on Atmospheric Plasma Powder Deposition (APPD) for conducting, integration and functionalizing of the generated SHM sensors.

Andreas Hinterer

Andreas Hinterer is a material scientist with several years of experience in the field of vacuum coating. Since 2013 he is managing the R&D department at INOCON leading several R&D projects focusing on atmospheric coating technology while pursuing his doctoral degree at Graz University of Technology.

SUSTAINair enables me to work on atmospheric plasma processing, a future oriented technology with major economic, and environmental advantages over other conventional processing methods.

SUSTAINair offers the aerospace engineering a pathway towards sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

I could not be more proud to be part of the circular economy movement for the Destination 2050.

Maximilian Stummer

Maximilian Stummer is the INOCON’s R&D department specialist for the numeric description of Atmospheric Pressured Plasma using a CFX based MHD model (Magento-Hydro-Dynamic), which he developed and validated during his PhD thesis work at the Technical University in Graz.

SUSTAINair enables us to apply our patented atmospheric plasma processing on sensor material for novel structural health monitoring systems. Such challenges are what drives us to innovate.

The more we share our know-how on novel sensor materials and sensor generation with SUSTAINair project partners, the more we can learn about novel joining technologies from other partners in this H2020 project.

The European Union´s support for a project like SUSTAINair enables highly-specialised and innovative companies such as ours to connect internationally and solve interdisciplinary challenges leading towards a sustainable future for all.

Team members

Johannes Hufnagl
Fritz Pesendorfer
Hans P. Schrotter
Sebastian Spalt