SUSTAINair at 11th EASN conference with Christoph Kralovec for intelligent aircraft

SUSTAINair at the 11th EASN illuminating intelligent airframe

On 2 September 2021, the 11th EASN International Conference hosts a session dedicated to SUSTAINair, DOMMINIO and MORPHO projects.

Christoph Kralovec of JKU Linz will represent the SUSTAINair project at the EASN session ‘Next generation multifunctional & intelligent airframe & engine parts: manufacturing, maintenance, recycling’. The session consists of presentations and a round table chaired by the CINEA project officer, Mr. Hugues Felix.

SUSTAINair at the 11th EASN 

In SUSTAINair the project partners are developing solutions to increase resource efficiency and aircraft performance, reducing waste and material costs throughout the entire aircraft life cycle: from design, manufacturing, maintenance, and end-of-life. SUSTAINair´s project presentation at EASN will highlight the maintenance stage of the aircraft´s value chain.

Specifically, Dr. Kralovec´s presentation will illuminate the JKU Linz´s contributions to the SUSTAINair project focused on predictive and condition-based maintenance of hybrid structural joints.


  • Date: 2 September
  • Time: 14:45 – 15:05 CET

Talk to SUSTAINair on the panel: ROUND TABLE 

  • Date: 2 September 
  • Time: 15:25 – 16:05 CET

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Condition-based maintenance: Enabling circularity and safety

In pursuit of resource efficiency and to achieve next generation condition-based maintenance of hybrid structural joints, the JKU is focused on investigating the development of a real time and onboard damage diagnosis system (also known as Structural Health Monitoring – SHM).

In SUSTAINair, JKU is going to provide structural testing (static, cyclic) of metallic, composite and additively manufactured hybrid joint elements. This will help to assess the structural capabilities of the innovative designs developed in the project. In addition, JKU is collaborating in the development of sensors and sensor systems and is leading the development and validation of structural health monitoring (SHM) methods for continuous and automatic damage diagnosis based on the provided sensor data.

Christoph Kralovec´s background in computer-aided methods for design, structural analysis and multidisciplinary optimization leads his current two-stream research efforts for structural lightweight design and development of online and onboard SHM systems.

“Structural health monitoring (SHM) requires advanced sensor technologies and measurement data evaluation methods to allow early damage diagnosis, and thus, to optimize MRO services. SUSTAINair allows to support a more sustainable deployment of raw materials by working towards replacement of today’s scheduled maintenance and withdrawal from service of structural components by a condition-based approach – thus changing the industry standard.”.

11th EASN Christoph Kralovec at EASN presenting SUSTAINair Predictive analytics for sustainable aviation
Ass. Prof. Christoph Kralovec, JKU Linz

Short Biography 

Christoph Kralovec is an assistant professor at the Institute of Structural Lightweight Design (IKL) of the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz. The IKL is part of the Department of Mechatronics and is dedicated to the development of lightweight design concepts for industrial applications. His background is in computer-aided methods for design, structural analysis and multidisciplinary optimization. His current research is dedicated to two major fields: First, structural lightweight design with focus on static and fatigue strength analysis of materials and joining elements, effects of manufacturing defects, characterization and application of composites and additively manufactured materials. Second, development of online and onboard SHM systems for mechanical structures to compensate design uncertainties and maintain the structure’s integrity during operation.

The 11th EASN International Conference

The 11th EASN International Conference on “Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens” is organized by the EASN Association, European Aeronautics Science Network. The 11th EASN is hosted by the University of Palermo and it will take place virtually between 1 – 3 September 2021. The website of the 11th EASN Conference is linked here.