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Welcome to the SUSTAINair project!

SUSTAINablility increase of lightweight, multifunctional and intelligent airframe and engine parts - SUSTAINair - is a new H2020 project providing the aeronautics sector, specifically the aviation ecosystem a transition runway to a low-carbon, competitive economy.

SUSTAINair project partners are investigating solutions to increase resource efficiency and aircraft performance while reducing waste and material costs throughout the aircraft life cycle, what is known as circular aviation.

What is Circular Aviation? 

PRESS RELEASE: SUSTAINair to provide flight path for the green deal transition. More here
SUSTAINair is a new 3,5-year Horizon 2020 project, launched with a virtual kick-off meeting on 26 January 2021. More here
Circular aviation in 18 languages. Results of the Earth Day 2021 poll. More here
What is circular aviation? The results of a crowdsourced poll run on SUSTAINair social media channels in March 2021. More here

European Green Week 2021 

Circular Aviation for Green Growth 

On June 8, SUSTAINair hosted an EU Green Week event ´Circular Aviation for Green Growth' to discuss solutions based on circular economy enabling aviation industry to reach zero waste and zero pollution of the sector. The event brought together almost 200 registered participants. 

The panel discussion with representatives from SAMPE Europe, Airbus, EREA, JET MS, and Clean Sky illuminated the past, present trends, and the outlook for Circular Aviation. The showcase session on key enabling technologies with three Horizon 2020 projects (MORPHO, DOMMINIO, and SUSTAINair) and one CleanSky research and innovation activities (EcoDesign) showcased the results and the ongoing research in the field.

Video recording here
Ligeia Paletti NLR Netherlands SUSTAINair project
To achieve fully circular flight by 2050, circular aviation provides a framework for technological solutions reducing aviation´s environmental impact on material consumption, waste, and emissions, beyond in-flight operations. Ligeia Paletti, Circular Aviation theme leader in Future Sky of EREA, and Circular Aviation expert and Living Lab manager at the SUSTAINair project partner NLR (Netherlands), introduced the concept of circular aviation. Recording here

The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconomy

On June 8 the SUSTAINair project was invited to present the project at another EU Green Week Partner Event. The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconomy was organized by the SUSTAINair project partner RTDS. 

SUSTAINair´s coordinator Jürgen Roither (AIT-LKR), and Jesper de Wit and Stefan Steeger of INVENT GmbH represented SUSTAINair project and the circular aviation approach to reducing and recycling of in-house materials. 

 Jesper de Wit of INVENT GmbH (Germany) presented the motivation and benefits of participation in SUSTAINair project by a highly specialized European SME INVENT. Among the expected results of INVENT´s participation in the project are novel approaches to the cleaner production process, resource efficiency (zero waste) and reduced costs, and the development of new products. More here
Jürgen Roither, SUSTAINair´s coordinator at AIT-LKR, Austria
Jürgen Roither, SUSTAINair coordinator at AIT-LKR, Austria
Jesper de Wit, SUSTAINair team member at INVENT GmbH, Germany
Jesper de Wit, SUSTAINair team member at INVENT GmbH, Germany

#ScienceUnveiled: Towards real-time, onboard damage diagnosis systems with additive manufacturing

In SUSTAINair project, INOCON generates ZnO-NWs with APPD technology (Atmospheric Plasma Powder Deposition), which get integrated into an electro-spun polymer fiber matrix subsequently. The sensors are integrated in all structural materials (i.e. metals, FRPs) in contrast to today´s typical bonding of sensors on a structure’s surface. Large-scale, flexible zinc-oxide piezoelectric transducers for the application on structural aircraft components are one aspect in the development of the the novel Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). More here



#ScienceUnveiled is a social media campaign showing the SUSTANair´s project partners research efforts in real-time. More here
To mark the European Mobility Week 2021, the SUSTAINair team members are showcasing their sustainable daily commutes. More here
INOCON´s novel plasma technology for sensor application at the SBI Open House. More here
JKU Linz at the 11th EASN conference illuminating intelligent airframe. More here


It is due to social media that SUSTAINair is able to offer you updates on teh project progress in real time. Stay connected, and share with #circularAviation



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