Technical University Delft - TU Delft

The Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials (ASM) is part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, the largest Aerospace Faculty in Europe. The ASM-TU Delft main research Main research topics include the development of lighter, safer, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly aircraft and spacecraft structures. TU Delft´s test and laboratory facilities are unsurpassed in Europe, therefore well positioned to come up with technological solutions that will make a significant contribution to a climate neutral aviation, on the transportation industry, and related fields of application.

In SUSTAINair, the TU Delft will work on definition of the requirements for the execution of the technologies that will be developed, and for the design of the coupons and elements that will be manufactured and tested during the project. Additionally, TU Delft will work on the analysis of joint configurations with the development and validation of advanced models for metal/composite and thermoplastic composites.

Chiara Bisagni

Prof. Chiara Bisagni is a chair of Aerospace Structures and Computational Mechanics at TU Delft. Her research is interested in aerospace composite structures both thermoset and in thermoplastic. In particular, her projects span from buckling, post-buckling, and crashworthiness, to fatigue, damage tolerance and optimization, for aeronautical and space applications.

Chiara Bisagni received several awards, including an Amelia Earhart Fellowship, a Marie Curie Grant from the European Commission, a Young Researcher Fellowship from MIT, and a Fulbright Grant. She is Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Member of the Executive Council of the International Committee on Composite Materials.

The complementary expertise SUSTAINair partners will allow us to introduce a circular economy approach in aeronautical structural components. It demonstrates that environmental challenges are an opportunity for technological advancement, which can inspire the generations that follow.

Arne Schiller

Arne Schiller is a Ph.D. candidate at TU Delft. His research focuses on the analysis, design, and optimization of composite and hybrid structures within the SUSTAINair project. Arne obtained his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft where he worked on the buckling of cylindrical shells with cutouts and completed his undergraduate studies in Hamburg, Germany as well as in Blacksburg, Virginia. He interned on the Lufthansa Technik bases in Shenzhen, China and Hamburg.