RTDS Association is the Austrian non-profit arm of the RTDS Group supporting implementation and management of European research and innovation projects to optimise the use of results for maximum impact. RTDS has a proven track record in enabling the innovators to move research and technology from the lab to the market. RTDS addresses heterogenous networks of stakeholders to manage, communicate and exploit the individual and jointly developed know-how while analysing broader socio-economic aspects required for uptake of the project results. RTDS works closely with academia, small-and-medium sized companies, European associations and interest groups, corporate entities, and independent research institutions interested in sustainable transition. Not pursuing ownership of research results, RTDS objectively manages all DEC and innovation processes in collaborative projects to develop business models and exploitation plans in the interest of all involved partners.

In SUSTAINair, RTDS is supporting the coordinator in financial management while leading the dissemination, exploitation and communication work package, which includes IPR management, business model development, communication, as well as training activities.

Luis Rodrigues

Luis holds and LLM from the University of Turin and is a legal expert leading tasks on IP, innovation and data management to ensure the adequate exploitation of IP and research data. including the negotiation of Consortium Agreements and Technology Transfer Agreements (TTA). Luis has been involved in more than 17 projects since the FP7. He conducts trainings on IP and Innovation Management and participates in conferences in Europe and Latin America.

Mihaela Rozman

Mihaela holds a Master in Sociology with a specialisation in Management or Organisations, Human Resources, and Knowledge, and a Bachelor in International Relations. She has proven track record in applying socio-economic analysis for maximum impact to capacity development, science communication and outreach projects and programs for research and innovation sector on national and European level. At RTDS she is involved in project management and leading dissemination and communication, with a strong focus on circular economy, sustainable development, industry 4.0. and artificial intelligence.

Stephen Webb

Stephen has degrees in engineering, business and law, having completed the LL.M programme in Intellectual Property Rights at the University of Turin in 2013. He completed his PhD from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) as a researcher within an FP6 project. Commencing his first project in FP4 more than 20 years ago, Stephen is a recognised impact expert in EU projects, both within Austria and across Europe. He is a regular conference speaker and a Panel Vice Chair for H2020 evaluations for the European Commission.

Team members

Filoklis Pileidis
Philippa Webb-Muegge
Roxana Weiss-Anton