Dutch Thermoplastic Components - DTC

DTC (Dutch Thermoplastic Components) is a highly specialized innovation-driven manufacturer of structural parts for aerostructures based in Almere, the Netherlands. Using state of the art machinery and following lean principles, DTC produces parts cost-efficient in both very small series of just a few parts as well as for series of hundreds of parts per day for 15 different types of large passenger aircraft, business jets and helicopters. All parts are manufactured using thermal forming of thermoplastic composite material. Through this process DTC is able to produce high quality parts in short cycle times. DTC is accredited by AS9100 and Nadcap quality systems alongside with several accreditations for specific customer-oriented processes, including ATP, press forming, CNC machining, painting, CMM and non-destructive testing.

In SUSTAINair, DTC will work on development of laminates with functional layers enhancing weldability (with or without ply-drops). Additionally, DTC will work on conduction welding process for structurally and economically interesting joining process. Moreover, DTC will collaborate on development of the process for the forming of products with recycled materials and integration of SHM sensors in TPC laminates.

Peter Boer SUSTAINair DTC

Peter Boer

Peter Boer is Head of New Technology at DTC. Within SUSTAINair he is responsible for the communication with the partners in the project. Peter holds an MSc degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of thermoplastic composites, having worked on process and application development in various companies and market segments.

We are looking forward to developing new technologies on recycling and welding of thermoplastic composites within the SUSTAINair project, enabling a greener future for flying.

David Manten SUSTAINair DTC

David Manten

David Manten, Managing Director of DTC, graduated from the Aerospace Engineering Department of Delft Univerity of Technology and founded DTC in 1998. Since then DTC has grown into a leading supplier of thermoplastic components to the aerospace industry.

Dennis Lunenborg

Dennis Lunenborg is Product Development Manager at DTC. Within the R&D team he is the specialist on simulations and on the lamination and forming of thermoplastic composite components.

Team members

Jasper Herdes 

René van der Burg 

Dennis van den Heuvel 

Wesley Houtman