AELS – Aircraft-End-of-Life Solutions – is a Dutch company specialized in the disassembly and dismantling of aircraft, active in the circular economy recycling many aircraft parts. In its history, AELS has already disassembled and dismantled 75 aircraft. It is partnering with companies such as KLM, Lufthansa, TNT and Iberia. AELS buys end-of-life aircraft, which its highly skilled mechanics carefully disassemble. The removed parts are then placed in inventory,  recertified and returned to the market. AELS is the only company that handles the entire supply chain for aircraft disassembly and dismantling. 

AELS (Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions) offers a complete end-of-life solution for commercial aircraft: from purchase to sale of the last usable component. Aircraft are dismantled to the last screw and all materials that do not return to operational aircraft are recycled. As a result, this company, which is based at Twente Airport in Enschede, the Netherlands, is making a significant contribution to the circular industry. For over 15 years, AELS has been growing in a unique niche of the aviation industry and are known as a leading and sustainable player in the aftermarket for aircraft parts.

In SUSTAINair, AELS will provide expertise from the working floor and materials from aircraft for the tests done by the consortium. Next to that AELS will further investigate the supply chain from scrapping the aircraft up to the aluminium melters.

AELS CEO and founder Derk-Jan van Heerden

Derk-Jan van Heerden

Derk-Jan van Heerden is the CEO and founder of AELS in 2006. Next to general management  he is involved in business development, and oversees aircraft acquisition. He studied aerospace engineering in Delft with an additional specialization in sustainability. Back then he asked himself the question: why not take the lead in aircraft decommissioning? This question has led him to starting AELS.

A lot of my time goes into running a business. By being part of this group, I can spend time with researchers. A community I like a lot but haven’t been around for a while. Talking and discussing about a subject so close to my heart gives me energy to make that extra step.

Johan Vlastuin

Johan Vlastuin joined AELS as one of the first employees in 2010. He completed his Masters in Aerospace Management and Operations at Delft University of Technology in 2009. In his role as Chief Operations Officer, Johan manages the entire operation at AELS. Backed up by a team in multiple locations he takes care of aircraft from landing until they are completely dismantled. Under his supervision, all aircraft parts are prepared for sale in the right condition with full tracking documentation according to the highest quality standards.