SUSTAINAir Consortium Members Publish New Journal Article on Plasma Synthesis

Members of the SUSTAINair consortium have just published a new open access article on the topic of using plasma synthesis on zinc oxide for use with piezoelectric sensors. Researchers from both JOANNEUM and INOCON are credited on the article published via the journal, Applied Nanoscience.
Two schemes of the plasma jet reactor with the hot gas plasma nozzle (© INOCON)
The JOANNEUM building in Niklasdorf, Austria

These sensors and plasma technology are key to the structural health monitoring (SHM) system envisaged as a key output of SUSTAINair. Specifically, this method enables a kind of ‘inbuilt circuit’, an SHM system that can be integrated directly into components due its nano-size. This has previously been described in detail by INOCON here on the SUSTAINair blog.

Specifically, linear ZnO nanoparticles with high aspect ratio called nanowires are of great interest not only for piezoelectric sensors in SHM systems but also for energy harvesting, gas sensors, superhydrophobic surfaces, photcatalysis and antibacterial activity. The work behind this article was important preliminary research conducted (in part) by some of the project’s own key technical members of the consortium.

Read and download the paper via Open Access

Full Title: Morphology-controlled atmospheric
 pressure plasma synthesis of zinc oxide
 nanoparticles for piezoelectric sensors


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