SUSTAINair flies over ILA Berlin 2022

From 22-26 June 2022, SUSTAINair will take part in the ILA Berlin 2022, the EU’s largest trade fair for aerospace and aviation industries. Find out more about our project’s presence at this crucial conference in our latest blog. 

ILA Berlin 2022: an EU reference event for aerospace & aviation

The ILA Berlin 2022, titled #PioneeringAerospace, is the European reference event to capture recent and upcoming developments in aerospace and aviation sectors. It will highlight innovation, new technologies, advances in sustainable and climate-neutral aviation and new mobility services. ILA’s mission is to pioneer aerospace for a safe, sustainable and connected world.

Under the headings of AviationSpaceDefense & SecuritySuppliers and Advanced Air Mobility, the ILA Berlin 2022 edition will cover the entire aerospace value chain. It will focus in particular on the topics of climate-neutral aviation, new mobility services and space security. The future of aerospace will be further debated on five live stages. Furthermore, the new ILA Digital platform will augment the scheduled live events.

ILA Berlin will showcase aerospace as a key sector in the EU and highlight its strategic importance for Europe’s security, sustainability and competitiveness. Most importantly, it will be an in-person event held at the recently opened airport at BER (Berlin Expo Center Airport), which will include exhibitors’ trade fair stands and chalets, a wide-ranging stage programme, a static display featuring aircraft close up, and flying displays by aircraft leading the way towards climate neutrality. Nevertheless, for those not being able to join in-person, the ILA Berlin 2022 will also be an online event. All activities will be complemented with e.g. live streams, virtual matchmaking and virtual company presentations, which can be followed on the ILA digital platform.

ILA Berlin 2022

European Commission as strategic ILA Berlin 2022 partner

The ILA Berlin 2022 is jointly organized by the German Aerospace Industries Association BDLI and the Messe Berlin, Moreover, the European Commission and ILA Berlin 2022 have concluded a strategic partnership to strengthen Europe’s technological leadership and to pave the way for a sustainable future for aerospace that is “Airborne in Europe”. The European Commission will have a strong presence throughout the whole trade fair, including a dedicated stand and session on the opening day of the ILA. 

Mariya Gabriel, the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, will further give a keynote at the Berlin Aviation Summit on June 21, the day before the ILA Berlin 2022 will officially kick off.

SUSTAINair presence at the ILA Berlin 2022

Considering the crucial importance of this year’s ILA, the SUSTAINair project is proud to be featured throughout this vital aerospace and aviation trade fair. The first SUSTAINair animation video (see below) will be shown at the EU Commission stand alongside videos of other EU-funded projects in the field. Furthermore, SUSTAINair will be featured in the CINEA presentation focusing on EU-funded project “success stories” and on-going promising projects. In addition to this, the SUSTAINair coordinator LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (LKR in short) will showcase a project mock-up at the EU Commission stand, titledAugmented Reality (AR) for dismantling and sorting of fuselage parts from different aluminium alloy groups”. 

The SUSTAINair mock-up will consist of a fuselage section of an Airbus A330 and AR glasses. The fuselage section will include structural components (shells, stiffeners, frames, skin) of various aluminium alloy groups. In the SUSTAINair project, those components mainly consist of aluminium alloys of  the 2024 and 7075 family.

ILA Berlin 2022 visitors will be able to wear the AR glasses and see a CAD overlay with respective alloy groups when viewing the fuselage part. The visitors will be also able to virtually dismantle the fuselage section by separation of structural components by alloy group. In principle, the individual structural components are assigned to a 2024 and a 7075 scrap container by hand movement.

Open weekend for general public to raise aerospace awareness

While the main focus of the ILA Berlin 2022 will be on trade visitors, ranging from industry representatives, policymakers, armed forces, businesses to academia, there will also be an open week-end for the general public  on 25 and 26 June. Over these two days, aerospace aficionados can experience the innovations and fascination of the aerospace displays close up, and find out about aerospace career opportunities at various trade fair stands. Interested to join the ILA Berlin 2022? Then check here the exhibitor possibilities or buy here a ticket. SUSTAINair is looking forward to see you there!