SUSTAINair´s digital campaign #CircularAviation

SUSTAINair launches a digital campaign #CircularAviation to mark this H2020 project website launch and the circulation of the 1st press release. The month-long campaign aims to raise awareness about the circular economy topic in the aerospace and aviation sectors, known as circular aviation. Results of the campaign are published here

The campaign calls for active participation in the construction of a digital word cloud by answering the question: “What do you associate most with the term circular aviation?

By submitting an answer in a word or a phrase containing up to 30 characters, the participants generate a word cloud in real-time. Anonymously, the submitted word(s) appears in the word cloud on the SUSTAINair website.

Submit your word(s) on SLIDO here


The campaign aims are twofold. On the one hand, it gives the project partners a chance to raise awareness of the waste of high-quality aerospace-grade materials (metals and composites). On the other hand, it aims to illuminate the potential solutions and the impact of this new Horizon 2020 project reflected in the 1st press release rolling out on the European and national levels (Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands) on 31 March 2021.


The campaign´s digital format allows broad participation for audience from every walk of life, independent from geographical or temporal limitations. It solicits and collates mental associations (association of ideas) from academia, policymakers, business and industry, advocacy groups, individuals, and anyone interested in sustainable approaches in aerospace, and aviation sectors (engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, demanufacturing).

Achieving a paradigm shift in aircraft design, manufacturing, and recycling

Advancing the research and development of technologies based on the circular economy approach is a process that requires consensus, collaboration and innovation.

Raising awareness about the project’s expected impact on the entire aviation value chain is the first step towards building a community. The idea is to communicate to industry professionals, policymakers, and the public the cost-effectiveness and environmental impact of circular aviation.

Shape the paradigm shift

Submit your word(s) on Slido here

See the word cloud grow on the SUSTAINair homepage

Share with your community and help #CircularAviation to pave the pathway towards a resilient and sustainable future for all.

Results of the campaign

The results of a crowdsourced poll run on SUSTAINair social media channels between the end of March and the end of April 2021 are analysed and published in a blog here.