Take off at the national event series Good Morning in Austria

The Austrian partner AIT-LKR presented the SUSTAINair project at the network meeting organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

On 28. January 2021, the BMK launched the online event series Guten Morgen Take Off (Good Morning Take off) with monthly presentations on thematically bundled projects. During the workshop on 28 January, dedicated to the topic “Materials and Icing” Rudolf Gradinger (AIT-LKR) introduced the SUSTAINair project to the Austrian industry network.

Take Off event series aims to increase Austrian companies’ competence in strategic thematic fields, strengthen human capital in business and science, and improve market entry opportunities for new products and services.

The workshop organizers strongly believe that the domestic aviation industry’s national and international competitiveness can be further strengthened by investing in innovation capabilities and intensification of international collaboration. Building synergetic know-how between the industrial and university sectors should be of priority.

In the long run, this should increase the Austrian aviation sector’s revenues, improve the connectivity to European and international programs, and secure Austria’s innovations, which will generate secure and highly qualified jobs.